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Multi-channel 35mm slide projection installation and poem in collaboration with Alice Feldt printed as a take away booklet for Dock 6 Design & Art Series #10
June 03 2017 Chicago, IL

This project is a work in progress, and will change depending on the space and environment it is exhibited within. Waterfall images were found and bought on ebay, altered and combined with my own constructed compositions.

The waterfall is a construct of time, an ever-changing and shifting mass carving into the rock, forming new paths as it grows and moves. Much like the memories we carry, the cataract physically may not exist in some of us, but the cataract of thought, how memories can become muddled and confusing is something most of us have in common. As the cataract moves, so does our willingness in attempting to make sense of memories and the past, always moving, changing and often times confusing.