Where House Used To Be > 'Untitled' Gallery Vancouver B.C. 2016

Solo Exhibition @ Untitled Art Space Vancouver, Canada B.C. Sep 9th 2016

Through this collection of work I am retelling the story of a house I never knew, practicing the construction of a memory I never had. This house on Bear Lake, FL was once a home to my great grandparents, their memories in photographs are all I have to discern and tell a story of a place ambiguous and fictional to me. Through the writings left behind and the recollection of those still alive, I began to re-imagine a past.

Settling I & II
Digital ink jet prints on wall texture spray, latex paint
Feb. 12 1969
Cinderblocks, House Plant, Photographs
"Where house used to be"
Ink jet prints, wall paper paste
Edge (S/W Corner)
Altered silver gelatin prints, tape
Altered silver gelatin prints, tape
The House/The Day Dream
Altered silver gelatin prints, tape. nails
(Night) House
Altered silver gelatin print, nails
"Remembering (Being There)" (30min)
Cassette tape voice recorder, headphones