Where House Used To Be > Chicago Cultural Center 2019

"Furtive" was a three-person exhibition featuring work by Daniel Hojnacki, Karolis Usonis, and Krista Wortendyke, curated by Jennifer Murray at the Chicago Cultural Center‘s Michigan Avenue Galleries.

February 2-April 7 2019

Furtive is a photography-based exhibition that explores the complexity of memory, both personal and collective. Through an examination of place, archive, and the intersection of perception and knowing, three artists ask us to reconsider what we think we know based on our past experiences, communal knowledge and memories.

Daniel Hojnacki’s work reflects a fascination with the subjectivity of human perception and the evolution of memory and reality over time. His series Where House Used To Be retells the story of a house he never knew practicing the construction of a memory he never had. The house in question is on Bear Lake, Florida and was once a home to his great-grandparents. Their memories via photographs are all Hojnacki has to discern and tell the story of a place ambiguous and fictional to him, and ultimately us. But like waking from a dream all we are left with are glimpses and fleeting sensations, the furtive nature of memory laid bare.