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Apparatus Projects
May 26th-June 30th

Stay this way, facing the light, a two-person exhibition featuring the work of Daniel Hojnacki and Kioto Aoki that seeks to complicate photography’s often explicit relationships to memory, loss, visual legibility and light. Hojnacki and Aoki’s work engages deeply with photographic history and materiality in order to challenge assumptions about the finitude or descriptive quality of an image as a window into some other place or some other time. Coating the windows of the gallery in a light-limiting film, the artists have collaboratively and effectively erased the gallery’s primary source of illumination, choosing to rely instead on haptic visual experiences through what remains of the ambient light in the space. Each artist’s work tests the conceptual, material, and historic bounds of a media developed for the sake of clarity and permanence by engaging with techniques that challenge the legibility, longevity, and limits of the photographic image’s surface. Hojnacki and Aoki have developed a set of images that seeks to reintegrate a critical intimacy into the way we view a photograph: hands grasping at nothing, a flower that only blooms at night, negatives propped against a nightlight, and photographs of loved ones since gone. These images set the scene for a conversation about photography’s role in shaping our memories, desires and contradictions by translating a picture not only through our eyes, but through a gentle choreography interweaving surface, body, and light.