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“Anonymous Astronomer” is an on-going investigation into a collection of vintage astronomy negatives made by an amateur stargazer I purchased from a seller on ebay. I have been mining this resold collection of 35mm negatives and it’s curiosity left behind in the world in efforts to converse with a human’s attempts to archive and represent the distant universe. Through actions of failure, chance and curiosity, this series is an intuitive conversation with the remnants of one’s resold wonder. The collection is embedded with obsessive efforts of photography's ability to categorize and represent our galaxy. I have engaged with this archive in various experimental approaches to practice the visualization of wonder. Through manipulating the handwritten annotations left behind on the archival glassine sleeves, to making photograms created by the dust swept from the corners of my darkroom in an effort to create and categorize my own galaxy. I examine the relationship of this unknown individual’s curiosity as I relate it to the process of my darkroom and experimental photographic practice, questioning how one’s observations of the past can be reactivated as my own investigations of the present.